Filming More Defy Labels Vignettes…

A 2013 Mini Cooper

This post applies (specifically) to MINICOOP OWNERS:

i defy labels

Excited that the #defylabels campaign is going so well and we are looking forward to more filming during the following weeks. We will NOT be in Helen for the “HelenBlitz” gathering on the week of (Feb 17th thru 20th) as originally scheduled. No need to go into the entitlement and personality-clashes, etc that curved THAT idea! However we will be filming in Conyers, Ga on the following Saturday. (Location to be announced in the coming days!)

If you are planning to attend this filming, be prepared to tell the world how you’ve been labeled, how you’ve overcome that challenge, and (perhaps) how you’re inspired by your own defiance of labels. We will film you and your car, you IN your car, and if we have enough cars, we will attempt the diagram below. Scratch that… WE WILL HAVE ENOUGH CARS!!! We’re at 40 vehicles so far! In-box me at to express your interest in joining us, and have a great week!

Screenshot 2016-02-10 13.48.32