Welcome to We Defy Labels


Have you overcome great odds? Have you overcome people trying to box you in or who have misinterpreted your value? Have you overcome tragedy and triumphed? we want to hear from you. We want the world to know your story and we want you to tell it here on WE DEFY LABELS.

i defy labelsWE DEFY LABELS was created by Award-Winning Author and Film Maker, Relentless Aaron, aka “Relentless.” Relentless is the author of dozens of novels, and has been featured in the world’s leading newspapers, TV & radio broadcasts because of his vision and his own testament to overcoming the odds.

More about Relentless on his site: In the meantime, WE DEFY LABELS will profile stories via essay, audio/Internet Radio and film formats.

We are currently engaged in consistent film production for this endeavor, and we look forward to hearing from you too.